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i need to write a question poem with 10 lines and that asks a lot of questions i have no ideas please help!

Pick a theme, then the questions, then put them in verse.

Theme Love
What is
how it began
where will it lead
how will it end and so on...

the verse:
What is love but fleeting time?
Why does it feel crushing, and yet simple sublime?
When did it capture me mind, my heart?
I know not, nor with logic can I see it end.
I know not when Love did start.
I know not Love's end in time.
I know not who scribes my part.
I know not how my life will mend.
But question I ask, and beg for truth, Is this verse, or Love, thine?

So the drill is pick a theme, think of questions, and start, revise, revise, and revise. It comes with practice. And patience. And thought.

We will be happy to offer comments on your work.

What am i doing here?
Am i not just wasting my time?
oh, you would think so wouldn't you?
but then again aren't you as well?
but could we all just be a little crazy?
can i just keep asking these questions?
why don't i answer myself?
oh and why, am i asking you?
why don't you give it a try?


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