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hello can someone please tell me the names of some free and good softwares about learning french that i can download from the internet?i don't want the ones for emergency...i want to practise my tense and the use of verbs...(i am horrible at this!)so i really need help on how to do this.
i am now learning describtion of family members and myself, house, and what i do in the weekend...etc. any good website for this too?

thank you!

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Yes, indeed, here are some sites for you to investigate. Only save the ones you like:

1. The French Alphabet Pronounced (There is no site so I could post what I have.)

2. Pronunciation =

3. Learn free: French Lessons =

4. French for Beginners =

5. Verbix -- Romance languages: conjugate French verbs =

For verbs, if you ask for specific tenses I can send that plus the verbs that follow that pattern.

I have my French sites listed under" Culture, Grammar, Language, Literature, Paris, Verbs and Vocabulary so you can ask for specific things. Now for the vocabulary you requested:


Words -- Mots:


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