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Oranganization leadership MGT

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What are some internal human elements that may force an organization to change?

Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once you have posted what YOU think answers might be, someone here will be able to critique your thinking.


Stress on employees is a powerful force for change. Organizations have to adjust to that factor.
When we ask for your thoughts, it mainly is to do two things:
1) Stop some from coming here to get homework done.
2)To clarify what thinking has been done, and how it can be refined. Our intention is to critique thinking, and develope it. Your comments to writeacher's request somewhat indicates that maybe you are looking for us to do the thinking, and I sincerely hope I am wrong on that part.

yes you are Bob i just need a little more thought on this matter. I always google my information are whatever it take for me to find the information I am looking for.
I do not just base my answer on what is said here

If you want the best help, post your thinking. We will gladly critique it. Thanks.

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