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i have to write a resume for my english class so for my job, i want to be those people who help out customers when walking around in stores. what is that position called?
is it like a sales clerk or something?

don't worry, this is not my future career. i plan on being a biomedical engineer and since i'm still in high school and don't have a lot on my resume, i thought i'd go a little lower.

anyways, i need help on my objective.

i want to say: To obtain a challenging _________ position in a fast paced environment that will allow for personal growth and career advancement.

Since this resume is just for a fake job, i thought i might also go for a file clerk.

To obtain File Clerk position with in filing, invoices, receipts, and other records in alphabetical or numerical order or according to the filing system used.

but i want help on the first objective i mentioned please

Probably the best word in your sentence would be sales.

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