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i think this is it

x = 7 is not correct.

Here's how the problem should work out:

Use the distributive property to get rid of the parentheses and you will end up with this: 2x + 4 - 4x = 11 + 5x

Combining like terms: -2x + 4 = 11 + 5x

Now isolate x on one side of the equation. Let's subtract 5x from both sides (whatever operation you do to one side of an equation you must do to the other side as well).
-2x - 5x + 4 = 11 + 5x - 5x

Combining like terms: -7x + 4 = 11

Subtract 4 from both sides: -7x + 4 - 4 = 11 - 4

Combining like terms: -7x = 7

Finally, divide both sides by -7 to get x by itself and solve the equation:
-7x/-7 = 7/-7

Therefore, x = -1

How to check? Substitute -1 for x into the original equation. It always helps to check your work!

I hope this is clear and will help.

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