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well i am in a homeschool program and i lost my book, and have 3 more exams to do before i graduate high school. Ive tried just using the internet and google and all that to complete it, and i cannot afford a new book. the exams are all multiple choice so heres one of the exams, any help is appreceated!

1. what principal refers to the fact that a person is prevented from consuming private goods unless he or she pays for them?
a. nonexclusion
b. private goods
c. exclusion
d. consumption

2. what shows an economies production after the distortions of price increases have been removed?
a. real GDP
b. the business cycle
c. peak
d. the consumer price index

3.what laws are designed to control monopoly power and to preserve and promote competition?
a. externality
b. antitrust
c. natural monopoly
d. merger

4. ______ tax takes the same percentage of income from everone regardless of their earnings
a. sales
b. progressive
c. proportional
d. regressive

5. which act establised the federal deposit insurance corporation?
a. federal reserve act
b. mational banking act
c. gramm-leech-bliley act banking act

6.the ___ is the interest rate the federal reserve charges on its loans.
a. central rate
b. reserve rate
c open market rate
d discount rate

7. when passd by congress, _____ becomes laws that autorize spending for a particular activity.
a. tax initiatives
b. budget resolutions
c. appropriations bills
d. entitlement programs

8. the _____ is deducted from a workers paycheck to fund social security and medicare.
a. payroll tax
b. excise tax
c. estate tax
d. proportional tax

9. _____ programs provide health, nutritional, or income patements to people meeting certain eligibilty requirements.
a. bond
b. stabalizing
c. entitlement
d. subsidy

10. a _____ occurs when spending equals revenue.
a. balanced budget
b. deficit
c. surplus
d. rebate

11. what is the tern for goods that when consumedby one individual, cannot be consumed by another?
a. exclusive goods
b. public goods
c. private goods
d. nonexlcusive goods

12. what do alteration periods of economic growth and decline make up
a. recession
b. peak
c. business cycle
d. expansion

13. an ____ is an unintended side effect of an action that affects someone not invilved in the action.
a. externality
b. unemployment rate
c. expansion
d. exclusion

14. _____ are low cost financial instituisions open only to workers of the group that spoonsor them.
a. commercial banks
b. savings and loan associations
c. credit unions
d. central banks

15. ______ are the percentage of deposites that banks must set aside either in their vaults or in their federal reserve district bank
a. reserves
b. futures
c. caches
d. certificates of deposite

16. which act permits bank holding companies greater freedom to engage in a full range of financial services?
a. federal reserve act
b. glass-stegall banking act
c. gramm-leach-bailey act
d. national banking act

17. whihc term refers to money thaty one level of governemnt recives from another level?
a. intergovernmental revenue
b. property tax
c. sales tax
d. subsidized revenue

18. which term refers to a state paying part of the costs of a colege education for resident students?
a. stablize
b. appropriate
c. subsidized
d. entitle

19. a ______ occurs whenb the government spends more than it collects in revenue.
a. surplus
b. tak hike
c. deficit
d. subsidy

20. _______ total revenues and spending for the year and set targets for how much will be spent in various categories.
a. deficit reports
b. budget resolutions
c. automatic stabalizers
d. appropriate bills.

21.which government expenditures must be authorized each year?
a. mandatory spending
b. tax rebates
c. discretionary spending
d. dificit spending

22. what is a combination of two or more companies to form a single business?
a. merger
b. monopoly
c. expansion
d. externality

23. what are government coupons that can be used to purchase food?
a. workfare
c. food coupons

24. the major policy-making group witin the fed is the:
a. board of governors
c. federal eadvisory commitee

25. _____ accounts allow bank customers to write checks or use check cards.
a. debit
b. savings
c. investment
d. checking <-?

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If you have lost your book and can not retreive it, contact a school that uses that textbook to see if you can "borrow" one. Also contact your local library to see if they have a copy. Most school districts have copies available from the publisher on hand for evaluation. List the name of that textbook in case we can find it online.

#25 is correct.

Be sure to indicate what you think the answers are. Then someone here will give you feedback.


haha that's the problems the only 2 i know i did indicate...the others im completely clueless lol...

Obviously, we're not going to do your exam for you. We've already graduated from high school and have a couple of college degrees. I urge you to follow SraJMcGin's advice and try to borrow a copy of your text. If that's not possible, then you'll probably need to bite the bullet and buy a new textbook.

Which homeschool program are you enrolled in? I am homeschooled as well.

ehh i just spent like 6 hours googling crap and got the final tests a 88 a 92 and a 77 on the final...not as well as i would have like but oh well im no longer a highschool student so that's cool i guess..

james madison homeschool...its pretty expensive i wish i woudlve just sucked it up and finished public school, but i had a few things going on in my life at the time that made it difficult...but oh well i got through those problems and now through high school so now im ready for college...unfortunately im going to have to go to tech at first because i didn't apply to anything in time but oh well...

i'm doing the same homeschool program! it was expensive as hell but oh well

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