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I am doing a reading comprehension project and I need to find a book and a song about "the elderly". Please Help!!

do you mean like about old people or a book called The Elderly?

about old people.

about old people.

hang on I'll look

google Books About the Elderly

here is a song about "Old Folks at Home"

i know, i've tried that, but i can't seem to find the NAME of a book.. have you seen any?

Earth Abides, Isherwood (Author)
That Old Ace in the Hole by Annie Proulx (Author)
YEARS ARE SO LONG—Josephine Lawrence
Old Man's War , John Scalzi (Author)

Also -- Tuesdays with Morrie.


Hey Brie!!!! could you please help me with the 2nd and 3rd black dot next to my name Mack????

Hey Brie!!!! could you please help me with the 2nd and 3rd black dot next to my name Mack????

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