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Hi I have to give a presentation in which I must speak of my author Ernest Hemingway, the presentation must include
*definiton of genre
*list of major figures working in the genre
*features of the genre (and special features of any sub-genre)
I'm also supposed to include his biography which I already did, what I have problems is with the things above, and even I have looked for definitons I have not been able to find any specific answer. Every time I search I have more questions and don't have time to go in depth and try to answer this questions since the project is due tomorrow.
Thanks in advance :)

Go to keyword "dictionary" for the definition of genre.

Hemingway wrote poetry, short stories and novels. This site will have a list of his works.
(Broken Link Removed)

The most outstanding feature of his writing was his minimalist style. This site has a description:

This link will give you the names and links to many of the people who influenced him.

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