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a car dealer estimates that they sell two cars on average per week. they only have space in their showroom for 4 cars. if stock replacement cannot take place within a week, what is the probability assuming that weekly car sales follow a poisson distribution that, the dealer will run out of stock in any one week?

question 2
the table below presents data relating the number of weeks of experience in a job involving the wiring of maniature electronic components an d the number of components which were rejected during the past week for 12 randomly selected wokers
weeks of experience #of rejects
7 26
9 20
6 28
14 16
8 23
12 18
10 24
4 26
2 38
11 22
1 32
8 25
determine the regression equation for predicting the number of components rejected given the number of weeks experience.
1.2 estimate the number of components rejected for an employee with three weeks experience in the job.
1.23 determine the value of the correlation coeffient and comment on this value

Mary: you have asked a lot of questions. I am reluctant to give you the answers as that would be just doing your homework. So, do some research, then take a shot.
(EXCEL or some other statistical software package is very helpful with these types of problems.)

For #1, use a Poisson distribution formula.

Poisson distribution (m = mean):
P(x) = e^(-m) m^x / x!

For #2, see your previous post on your other regression and correlation problem for some hints on how to do this one (if you need to do this by hand). If not, as others have suggested, you can use easier methods.

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