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What volume of .0500 M calcium hydroxide is required to neutralize 38.50 mL of .0400 M nitric acid?

1. Write the equation.
2. M HNO3 x L HNO3 = mols HNO3.
3. Use the equation to convert mols HNO3 to mols Ca(OH)2.
4. Now use M x L = mols to calculate volume (L) Ca(OH)2. I worked a similar example with NaOH and H2SO4 a few question above this one by the same author.

Ca(OH)2 + 2HNO3 --> 2HOH + Ca(NO3)2
(.0400 mol HNO3 / 1000mL)(38.50 mL) (1 mol Ca(OH)2 / 2 mol HNO3) (1000 mL / .0500 mol Ca(OH)2) = 1.54e1 mL


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