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Physics HELP!!!!!!!!

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The pressure and volume of a gas are changed along a path ABCA in the figure. The vertical divisions on the graph represent 4.0 x 10^5 Pa, and the horizontal divisions represent 4.5 x 10^-3 m3.

The diagram is a upright rectangle divided into small squares (8 up and 6 across). The horizontal 6 squares represents volume and the vertical 8 squares respresents pressure. Point A is 3 up and 2 across. Point B is 7 up and 2 across. Point C is 7 up and 5 across.

Determine the work done (including algebraic sign) in each segment of the path.

(a) A to B

(b) B to C

(c) C to A

The work done BY the fluid is the integral under the PdV curve in each case. The dependence of P upon V will depend upon whether the volume change is isothermal, adiabatic, or something in between. You should be able to figure that relationship out from the location of the points

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