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Match each of the questions below with either "True" or "False" as appropriate.
-The metals with the highest ionization energies are most likely to be found in nature in the elemental state.
- Metals usually have higher melting points than nonmetals.
- Co(II) ion in water is blue.
- The electron configureation of Mn2+ is [Ar]4s23d3.
- All tetrahedral complex ions are high spin.

My answers are:

Please answer back if I might have something wrong...

Would you please go through and tell us why you think each answer is as you have it.

-The majority of metals are not naturaly that is why the first one is false.
-Metals have higher melting points than nonmetals because the electrons are tightly pack into a solid form and is a fact in the book.
-Is true because I found it in a website but I can't post it because I don't own it.
-Is false because when is a + ion you subtract not that is why it makes it false.
-This one I am not really sure because spining pairs are very this is really confusing

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