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A student goes fishing in the bay.He catches a few fish and dicides to put them with other fish in a small fishpond behind his house.The next day he notices that all the new fish have died. Which is the MOST LIKELY reason the fish died?

A.They did not have enough space
B.They did not have enough food
C.They needed more oxygen
D.They needed saltier water

What's the major difference between a bay of an ocean and a fishpond?

I think the answer is D because the newier fish was in a bay and bays have salt water and the small fishpond has normal fish so the newier fish died because well i just told you whoever you are and this is what i said , i said that the fish from the bay live in saltwater but the fish in the fishpond livied in normal freshwater so if you put the fish that are from the bay into the fishpond the fish from the bay or the newier fish are going to die because they need more salt water so D. They needed saltier water is correct because _________________________ well i just said it 2 times.

Is that correct?

Yes. The fish in the bay needed saltier water than the fresh water in the pond. You're right. The answer is D.

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