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Is Lyme disease caused by
a virus,parasite,or a fungus?

Isn't it caused by a parasite?

I know lyme disease is caused by a
bacteria,but would that be a virus,or a parasite? Wouldn't it be a parasite?

lyme disease is caused by a parasite,


This is a question that begs to be rewritten. No answer is right. Lyme disease (I have a daughter with it) is CAUSED by a bacteria, but carried by a tick (parasite).

The question is poorly worded. Lyme disease is caused by bacteria. The vector (the transmitter and carrier of the disease) is a tick. The tick is the parasite. The bacteria is the disease. And a bacterium is not a fungus nor a parasite nor a virus. The tick is the parasite. In the sense that the bacteria is not a fungus, parasite, or virus, the question has no answer; that is, the correct answer is not shown. The questioner MAY be thinking that the bite of the tick (the true parasite) causes the bacteria to be spread, thus the tick is the culprit and the answer is parasite. I still think the question is poorly worded.

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