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Hi, I have to do a project on the Shell Method in my Geometry class. I have been trying to find information on that topic, but have no luck...

can someone point me to the right direction as of what keyword to search for, or is there any sites or books or video that have such info?

It will be nice to explain what shell method really is too. I kind of get it, but not sure if I got it correctly.


I have taught math for 35 years, but don't have any idea what you mean by the Shell Method in Geometry.

What grade level is this, in what context is it used?

well, my Geometry teacher just assign us topic to do research on. Our school run on a system that we take Geometry before Calculus. And since my class is a honor class, my teacher like to challenge us.

Simplily we just receive the topic "Shell Method for Volume".

Which later, I found out to be a Calculus topic, I haven't take calculus yet, so I don't really understand it.

It would be a difficult topic for you if you have not done calculus. It is a method of estimating volume related to the calculation of a volume of a solid of revolution.

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