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I asked this question yeasterday,
and was told that I was correct
in thinking the most appropriate
word to fill in the blank,was the
word "expressive." Would someone
please make sure that the word
"expressive" would be the most
appropriate word to use?

Molly is an older 4-year-old and
her teacher is concerned about her
__________ speech development
because she is difficult to
understand and this has not
changed in the last year.

1. receptive
2. expressive
3. rate of speech
4. nasal

Which word would be the most appropriate to use in this sentence?

The key words here are "she is difficult to understand." Others cannot understand her speech -- her speech is what she expresses or sends out.

It cannot be "receptive" because that means what one takes in.

It cannot be "rate of speech" because that wouldn't even make sense in the sentence if you put that phrase in the blank: ... concerned about her rate of speech speech development ...

It cannot be "nasal" -- people do not speak out of their noses! Some people's speech may have more nasal qualities, but it is not a complete form of speech.

Read carefully, practice the process of elimination, and look words up if you have questions about their exact meanings. http://www.answers.com


Have you talked at all in class about hearing loss possibly being a source of poor speech development? If so, then the answer would be receptive... the child is not hearing so as a result is not developing good speech. If you have not talked about poor hearing as a causation of poor speech development, then talk to your teacher about this.

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