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Nitrosyl Bromide Decomposes according to:

2NOBr(g) <=> 2NO(g) + Br2(g)

*<=> is an equilibrium arrow(

1 mole each of NO and BR2 are in the flask. At equilibrium .60mol of BR2 remained.
What is the number of moles of NOBr and NO in the flask at equilibrium, respectively.

a) .2mol and .4mol
b).8mol and .6mol
c).8mol and .6mol
d)1.2mol and 1.2 mol
e).8mol and .2mol

.6 mole of Br? Then .4 moles of Br2 changed back, or .8 moles of NOBr now are in the flask, as is .2 moles of NO remaining.

Think that out.

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