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The vapour denisty of a mixture containing NO2 & N2O4 is 38.3 at 27 deg C. Calculate the moles of NO2 in 100 g of mixture.

The vapor density is the mass of a volume of the mixture divided by the mass of an equal volume of H2 at the same P and T. If we take a mole sample, then
(molar mass mixture/2.016) = 38.3
molar mass mixture = 2.016*38.3= ??

Then let f = fraction of NO2 in the mixture and 1-f = fraction of N2O4.
molar mass NO2 = 46
molar mass N2O4 = 92
46(f) + 92(1-f) = 2.016*38.3
Solve for f.
then f x 100 = grams NO2.

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    Answer is nearly equal to 0.2

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