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As some of u might know, i wrote a monologue and now i have it new, improved and not copied off of others work (tho i did quote a couple people)

ANd i wanna add that this monologue is about a women whos parents are presuring her into having an abortion but she really doesnt want to, but her parents, just as many, are very intimidating to her so she does what they say. This is her monologue about all the things she would never say to her parents, all her thoughts. The mood is that she furious at her parents but in deep pain she has to loose something so close to her. If what i said isnt really exaplianed enough, than tell me what i need to make clear in the actuall monologue. Or any sentences that could be worded better, anything like that, all constructive critisism is welcome. Thank u everyone!

(A mother, father, and child sitting together at breakfast table)

“Were taking you to the, uh …”

Interrupts “…We’re eating, can’t this wait?”

Long pause

“The abortion clinic”

Father sighs

“I thought you said…”

“I aint dealing with another dirty child around here”

Saying under breath “You, you and all your… damned thoughts are going to hell”

“You will too if you use fowl language like that!”

(Lights dim, table disappears)

I can’t seem to get the image of …disarticulated small souls out of my head. Waiting to be born but before long they’re interrupted. A mother’s personal choice to murder her own baby is never justified! It’s never justified… I’ll be another disgusting human after the procedure, another one who has murdered the helpless, one of the millions. I wonder how people push women into “terminating a pregnancy”. Sadly, it seems common now, since the media shows abortion in such a “romanticized-sad-reality way. The woman: weak with a surreal smile pushing back tears is wheeled out of the operating room and into the protective arms of her boyfriend.” We obviously need people who care about truth, to show the whole procedure and the gruesome reality of it all. All the women, who have gone through it, thought to themselves as a strategy for comfort, that those humans once living in their bodies didn’t feel any pain as they are being eradicated. Sarcasm: Of course, why would anyone want to acknowledge something inside them is living, growing and suffers when hurt? “Ignorance sustained by denial is crippling this nation’s response to abortion.” Most people think that since they are smaller, they do not feel? But they can, with their…already developed, tiny fingers. None of these women realize that abortion is just another sugar-coated way of saying murder! They haven’t a clue and my parents don’t either, they can’t even imagine my nightmares. I do not approve the killing of a fly let alone a fetus. Pause. They can’t take my baby away from me… not with any of their tubes, tweezers or filthy hands! Not gonna murder my baby! The problem is I do not own my own body; until my childhood years have passed it will stay that way. But for others abortion is not the last resort. There’s adoption. There are millions of families out there, who would do anything for a baby, so why should anyone kill theirs knowing it could still have a chance at life. But my parents will never come close to feeling the way I do; they don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves. This baby belongs to my mother, belongs to my father, in their minds it’s no longer in my body and they’ll do what they’d like to with it. There gonna let my little one be thrown away then try and forget! But I’ll hear my baby weep ceaselessly…

“It’s time we go.”

Begging “…please, please just listen to me on this”

“No, my decision is final, let’s go”

“No, no, no…”

Parents drag her out off stage, child screaming

I think it needs more about her emotion and how she really feels about the whole thing, any suggestions?

it's good but get hold more of the passion the fury all of the feelings inside of her it will create a better atmosphere a atmosphere that will bring the story together look up some movies and books

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