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What slowed down the United States entrance into World War one?

European countries had been fighting wars off and on for many years. There was a strong feeling in the U.S. that we didn't want to be involved in Europe's wars. Germany was not a direct threat to the U.S. and the Atlantic Ocean separates us from Europe, a long distance before long- distance planes.

Many people today still question the wisdom of the U.S. entering WW I.

Is it possible that if we hadn't entered the war and Germany had been victorious that Hitler and the Nazi party wouldn't have risen to power? If Germany had won World War I, would there have been a World War II?

oh and it has to be on how it impack the u.s


  • U.S. History -

    What sped u.s entrance to world war 1

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    writting an essay about stalin's five years plan

  • U.S. History -

    What sped up u.s. entrance into world war 1?
    One major reason for this was that Americans sympathized with the Allies. Nationalism and Imperialism also contributed to the u.s. entrance into the war.

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