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H2 +CO2-->H2O + CO
When H2 is mixed with CO2 at 2,000K, equilibrium is achieved according to the equation above. In one experiment, the following equilibrium concentrations were measured.
[H2]= 0.20mol/L
[CO2]= 0.30mol/L
[H2O]=[CO]= 0.55mol/L

a/ what is the mole fraction of CO in the equilibrium mixture?
b/ using the equilibrium concentrations given above, calculate the value of Kc, the equilibrium constanst for the reaction.
c/ determine Kp in terms of Kc for this system.
d/ when the system is colld rom 2,000K to a lower temperature, 30.0 percent of the CO is converted back to CO2. Calculate the valu of Kc at this lower temperature.
e/in a different experiment, 0.50mole of H2 is mixed with 0.50 mole of CO2 in a 3.0-liter reaction vessel at 2,000K. Calculate the equilibrium concentration, in moles per liter, of CO at this temperature.

You may be confused but surely you know how to do parts of this? Tell me what you don't understand about it and I can help you through it. For starters, the mole fraction of CO = mols CO/total mols.

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    we're doing this in class right now.... :/

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    Behold my glory!

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    Can someone please answer this

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    How do you do D & E

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    I'm not so sure about E, but if you do the ICE chart, and equate Kc to 5, you can solve by plugging in the values of your Equilibrium concentrations into your Kc equation(again, refer to b). My answer is 0.118M CO, but I could be wrong.

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