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How can you consume alcohol and remain sober. Also what is the fomula for getting sober?

1) You can't, some humans are more tollerant.
2. That's easy, don't drink.

How can passengers in your care impair your driving?

If they're cutting up, making a lot of noise, and distracting you, it can impair your driving.

There is a formula for getting sober - time.

A lot of people think coffee might do it. A lot of people think water will do it. The only way for it to happen is time.

So don't go to a bar, have 20 beers then think you can drive home after coffee.


I agree with the other answers, which essentially say, "If you drink, don't drive." If with a group, you can have a volunteer who abstains from alcohol for that period to drive the others home.

Personally, I was one of these volunteers for my group. My father owned a liquor store, so drinking was never a "big deal" for me. It never made me feel more "grown up" or "manly" to be able to drink, since it was available all my life.

However, alcohol is absorbed more slowly into the system if there is food in the stomach. Thus eating while drinking will slow down — but not eliminate — the effects of the alcohol.

I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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