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I definately do not understand this problem.

If y varies directly with x, and y = 600 when x = 1000, find the constant of variation K.

If y is directonally (proportional) to x, then for every value of x there is a value for y multiplied by a constant value. So if was that we had for every value of x the value of y was three time x; then if x = 4, y=12; if x=6, y=18; if x=10,y=30 and so on. So we have an equation y=3x (y=Kx) and K would equal 3.

So for y=Kx

you have been given values for x and y in the question, you can find K.

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    K = Y/X = 600/1000 = 0.6
    Y/X = 0.6
    Y = 0.6x
    Y = kx

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