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Liquids A and B form an ideal solution. A certain solution contains 25 mole % of A, whereas the vapor in equilibrium with the solution at 25 degrees C contains 50. mole % of A. The heat of vaporization of A is 5 kcal/mol; that of B is 7 kcal/mol.
a) Calculate the ratio of the vapor pressure of pure A to that of pure B at 25 degrees C.
b) Calc. value for the same ratio at 100.degrees C.

My first thought was this:

where P1(a)=P2(a)=P1(b)=P2(b)
but if I did
P1/2*a would = 0, as would P2/1*b if I did the same for b.

So how do I really approach this?

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    no clue

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