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How would today's business environment's be affected if we decided to get rid of all computer and information systems? Do you think it would have a serious affect on the global economy considering that mankind has been involved in various businesses much before the dawn of the information age?

We'd adapt -- as we always have adapted. Businesses would pay more for the labor -- and more people would be employed.

But never in history have we abandoned a new technology -- so your question is basically flawed.

Well since I did not invent the question I was just bacially trying to see what others thought of the question. I agree we will never abandonded something that is easy and we do not have to get up our chairs to look for information that is at the tip of our hands.

We'd adapt...but not without a big blow. Especially on a global level.

I can't imagine what global business would be like without computers any more. So much has changed. Figuring out how to do inventory, etc. may be one thing that would only be part of the issues. Imagine the difficulties in communication that would happen that have become necessary for a competitive market.


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