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They can be 2-5 paragraph essays, not looking for excellent work just easy essays to turn in...if i don't do these i dnt pass my senior year, this is make-up work from 10th grade ..

Essays i need done:
-Charcter analysis of an epic hero(essay and sketch).
-What is the role of enlightenment in scientific and political recvolutions? "A modest Proposal".
-Causes and Effects of the renaissance.
-What is the role of the Enlightment in Political, Social, and Sicentific revolutions of the 18th century.

Are you looking for someone to do your essays for you? If so, I suggest you don't.

If you are simply looking for information, I would search wikipedia, spark notes, and jiskha for information. Research all the facts until you fully understand the concepts, and then form an opinion. Easy as pie.

Jiskha does not do homework for you. We will be happy to help you with research or to proofread and make suggestions.

Here are a couple of sites on epic heros.

(Broken Link Removed)

Here are a couple of sites on the age of Enlightenment:

And here is an excellent site on "A Modest Proposal"

When you have your essays written, please re-post and we will gladly give you suggestions.

Figure it out man its not really hard and i am in 7th grade

  • Social Studies -

    standard classical art

  • Government -

    what are goals for American Government as Stated in the Preamble?

  • Government -

    what are economic powers that are in the Legislative Branch?

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