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I am finishing up an assignment in Microsoft Access and am having trouble understanding how to make this formula. The question states to write a query that shows each customer (Id, first and last name) along with the total amount of revenue for each customer (revenue=quantity*cost). I am able to get the tables I need listed, but I am at a loss as to how to calculate this revenue problem so that Access will understand what I am asking.

Any help you can provide would be aprreciated.


I know absolutely nothing about Access. It's all I can do to make formulas work in Excel!

But I do know one thing ... when I really need to know something specific, I can go to and click on Support at the right, and then go into the Knowledge Base for specific help.

If you have Office (or Access) 2003 or later, you can also get online help simply by pressing the F1 key and typing in your query.

Good luck.


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