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I Have an oral presentation to do on how past wars have affected our lifestyles today can you help?

If you give us an outline of what you've thought about for your presentation, we'll be glad to add our comments.

Depending upon how long the presentation needs to be, you want to have enough information, but not tooooo much on your topic. You might decide to narrow your topic to how past wars have affected clothing styles, automobile use, housing, or women in the job force. You might want to narrow it even more by choosing one war -- World War I and II made many, many changes in the way we live. Check with your teacher once you have chosen a narrower topic.

Let's say you have a ten minute presentation to make and you chose housing for your narrower topic. You can use a short quiz to get things started. Questions could range from what houses were once made of and what we use today to the size of median housing then and now. Example: How big was the typical house in 1940? a. 900 square feet b. 1500 sf c. 3000 sf d. 6000 sf? How big is the typical new home today? You could use the same numbers for the possible answers.

Comparing ranchers which came in style in the 1950s (following WWII)to the huge homes of today would be a way to start, too. That would lead into the different matierials used, leading to the difference in environmental impact and difference in water/electricity/fuel used in the two eras.

Once you have your speech in outline form, you can begin really learning about your topic. To give a good presentation, you need to KNOW your topic. KNOW it well enough so that even if the electricity goes out and you're left in the dark with 500 teenagers to keep calm, you can continue with your presentation. That has actually happened to me. I stayed in one place so I wouldn't fall off the stage, and described the visual aids they couldn't see. I also (this was a living history demo) mentioned how the light from the few high windows was about what would have been available in colonial homes with fire and candles. I asked questions, got answers and managed to survive until the lights came back on a few minutes (or years) later.

The first three rules of a successful presentation are:
1. know your topic
2. KNOW your topic

Check online by searching for PUBLIC SPEAKING and get tips to help with developing your presentation.

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