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Please help! Complete equation by drawing structural formula(e) of the product(s).


You will have to imagine the bonds as I can't draw vertical or diagonal lines!

There are too many possibilities to imagine what you are trying to draw. We simply can't draw structures. You will need to draw them in line drawings. For example, the first one is an alcohol, probably. Tell to which carbon the substituents are attached.The second one might be an acid;i.e., RCOOH. IF that is so, then alcohols (ROH) and acids (RCOOH) combine to form an ester with the elimination of water.
RCOOH + R'OH ==> RCOOR' + H2O where R is any alkyl group and R' is another alkyl group (but they may be the same). I simply used R' to keep the alkyl groups separate in your mind. If that is what you have it is fairly straight forward.

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