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(1)TOP Electronics is a small business with five employees.The mean(avergae) weekly salary for the five emplyees is $360. If the weekly salaries of four of the employees are $340,$340,$345, and $425, what is the salary if the fifth employee?
Ben had twice as many nickels as dimes. Altogether, Ben had $4.20. how many nickels and how many dimes did Ben have?

The average salary is 360; therefore, the five of them make 360 x 5 = ??
Then 340 + 340 + 345 + 425 + xx=??
You know ?? and the other numbers. Solve for xx.
Post your work if you get stuck.

#nickels = n worth 0.05 each.
#dimes = d worth 0.10 each.
since #n = 2*#d, substitute into #n
2*#d(0.05) + #d(0.1) = 4.20
Solve for #d, then multiply by 2 to get #n.
Post your work if you get stuck.

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