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Are operating conditions (250 to 300 degees and 50 to 100 atmosphere) consistent with achieving high equilibrium yield of methanol and high production rate. Any conflicts? What is the copper based catalyst? How does its presence help address conflicts. What would this do to the overall costs of production??

Any hints please??

Write the balanced equation.
Study Le Chatelier's Principle.
Look at the number of mols on the left and right of the equation. The equilibrium shifts, with increased pressure, to the side occupying the smaller number of mols. Then look at whether this is an endothermic or an exothermic reaction. The equilibrium will shift, with increased T, to the side in which heat will be used up.

This will be endothermic. What will the copper based catalyst do?

A catlyst speeds up the rate of reaction so that products are increased at lower temperatures.

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