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Can someone please help me with this one?

Solve (5x+4)^1/2-3x=0

Just so you know, it is to the 1/2 power.

Add 3x to both sides of the equation, then square both sides.

That should enable you to gather terms and factor.

Yeah, that's the part I understood. Could you help me with the factoring?

This is what I have as of now:

Go to the quadratic equation

x= -b +- sqrt (b^2=4ac) /2a

x= 5 +- sqrt (25+48) /6

x= 5 +- sqrt (73) /6

x= -0.590667291 ; x= 2.25733396

check my work.

Oh, really? We didn't learn about doing it like that, but I think it does work. Thanks!

wait, I got the same answers as you, but then I checked my work and neither worked

dang: error

5x+4= 9x^2

That changes the quadratic to

9x^2 -5x -4=0

x= ( 5 +- sqrt (25 + 36*4))/18

check that.

yes it works! thanks a ton!

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