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I have a few more science questions.

If a car increases its velocity from zero to 60 km/h in 10 s, its acceleration is ______ km/h/s
Is it c?

a 75kg person and a 200 kg crate are each parachuted to ear from a plane. Which is correct?

a.the crate will reach terminal velocity last, but hit the ground first.
b.the person will reach terminal velcoity last, but hit the ground first.
c.the person and crate reach terminal velocity at the same time and hit the ground at the same time.
d.the person and crate reach terminal velocity at the same time, but the crate will hit the ground first.

I am thinking A

A 75 kg astronaunt in space pushes against a 200 kg anvil. When the astonaunt lets go of the anvil while pushing it.
a.both astonaunt and anvil accelerate in opposite directions at the same rate.
b.neither the astonaunt or the anvil will accelerate since net force in zero.
c.both accelerate, but anvil accelerates more
d.both accelerate, but anvil accelerates less.

Is it B?


The first is wrong, the second depends on if the parachutes are the same size, if so, you are right.
The third, you are wrong. I am not going to do your thinking for you, but will gladly critique it. However, you are showing no thinking. Why did you choose those answers?

I am so sorry I was working on some of science stuff and switched up some of the answers. I think 1 is a.6 and 3 is c.

I have no way of knowing if the parachutes are the same how am I supposed to asnwer that one?

On # 3 I am not sure how to figure that one...but I would think it would be c..that both accelerate, but and anvil will acceleterate more..becuase the anvil was being pushed

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