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A cold package of hot dogs slides rightward across a frictionless floor through a distance d = 20.5 cm while three forces are applied to it. Two of the forces are horizontal and have the magnitudes F1 = 5.00 N and F2 = 1.00 N; the third force is angled down by = 65.0° and has the magnitude F3 = 4.00 N.
(a) For the 20.5 cm displacement, what is the net work done on the package by the three applied forces, the gravitational force on the package, and the normal force on the package?

No need to help me on this one. I figured it out. Add W1+W2+W3+Wg(0 J)+Wn(0 J).

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    What is the horizontal force if a student does 292J of work moving a distance of 2.2m?

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