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A centre enters students for English levels one and two end test every year. Some take the paper based version, others online version.
For planning purposes you need to assume trend patterns indicate that
.the total number of entries each year is always more than 50
.the number of level one entries never exceeds four times the number number of level two entries
.80% of level one entries are registerd for the online version compared with only 20% of level two entries.
The max yrly budget for all entries is £400. The cost of entering students for online versions is £5 and paperbased entries cost £10
By setting up a series of linear ineqalities and representng these graphically, find the maximum number of level two entries in any one year.
.Please use the info given to set up three linear inequalities
.plot these on graph paper and identify the area in which the solution lies
.use the graph to find the maximum number of level two entries for any one year.

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