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Hello. Can I get someone to help me set up these problems?

1.) How many moles of N are there in 2.6 moles of NHO3?

2.) How many moles of C2H6 (g) are consumed when 4.4 mol CO2 (g) are produced?

3) How many milliliters of 0.80 M CuSO4 must be diluted to make 866 milliliters of 0.20 M CuSO4?

Also, can someone check these that I did:

4) What is the molarity of 969 mL aqueous solution containing 0.36 mol of Kl?

M=0.36 mol/.969L = 0.37

5) What is the empirical formula for a compound containing only carbon and hydrogen whose elemental analysis is 79.89% C and 20.11% H?

mol C = 6.65 mol
mol H = 19.95 mol


= C1H3

4 and 5 look ok to me.
1) There is 1 mole of N in a mole of NHO3; therefore, 2.6 mols NHO3 will contain 2.6 mols N.

2)4.4 mols CO2 x (1 mol C/1 mol CO2)x(1 mol C2H6/2 mol C) = ??

3)M x mL = M x mL.

check my thinking.
Check my work.

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