english essay

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Here is a sample outline for the essay:

Introduction: Topic: male/female communication
Comparison of two articles (state article names)
state thesis

Summarize both articles
Comapare and contrast both articles
argue for which one is better
provide examples and analysis

Summarize your main points.

The essay should be at least 3 pages long
(typed/double-spaced or equivalent)

plz help..

The first thing you need to do is read the two articles.

Then decide on a thesis statement -- probably based on which article you agree with. Write your introduction.

Next summarize the articles.

Write one or more paragraphs on ways they are alike and another one or more paragraphs on ways they are different.

Explain why you agree with one of these articles.

Write your conclusion.

wow. due tomorrow? well i can't write your essay but i can help. first read the two articles. then make a list of the differences and similarities about them. after that choose the essay you think is better. list about four reasons why. use those lists to help you write your essay. that should at least get your started, okay?


not a problem! good luck!!

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