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How do you simplify (4x^3y^5)^2?

are you using the carrots for symbolising "the power of..." or fractions? if i know what your using them for then i can help you.

yes. 3^2=9

okay. then it would help to put the exponents out of the parenthesis:


remember that when you have an exponent inside the parenthesis and one out of them, you multiply them.

ex: (3^2)^3 = 3^6

try it and see what you get.
when you hit the variable "y" you can't solve a number to the "y", so you're done. Make sense?


no, don't distribute the exponent. here:


multiply the outer exponents and go in, one at a time strating with the outermost exponent.


now multiply the outer exponent and the inner exponent:


if you don't know what "y" equals then your done and the answer is:


if you know what "y" equals then plug in the value and solve.

Are you sure that's right? That's really weird. It's supposed to be a review and I've never heard about that before.

i'm pretty sure. let me check with one of my friends real quick...

sorry i forgot to distribute the exponent to the 4. the answer would be (4^10)(x^30y) does that make more sense? sorry about that.

when you finish multiplying the exponents from the outermost in as much as you can, then distribute the exponent to the different variables. i'm sorry.

That's okay.

So the final answer is (4^10)(x^30y) ?

yes sir! i put the parenthesis in there for clarity, when you write it down you don’t need them.

thank you

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