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I am trying this again.
Incomplete french say that the people do not the activities given. Here is what I did please check for me Thanks much
1 Julie/voyager
Julie ne voyager pas
2. elles/etudier
Elles ne pas etudier
3. il/habiter a Paris
Il ne pas habiter a Paris
4. nous/diner au restaurant
Nous ne pas diner au restaurant.

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum again. Didn't you see my answer the other day on these? Please look back. To make a verb negative the word order is: subject + ne (n') + conjugated verb to agree with the subject + pas.
1. Julie ne voyage pas.
2. Eles n'étudient pas
3. Il n'habite pas à Paris.
4. Nous ne dînons pas au restaurant.

Now, please compare these correct sentences CAREFULLY with what you wrote and you will see where you went wrong.

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