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physics, please help check

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A rocket car is traveling on a linear horizontal frictionless track when it suddenly runs out of fuel. The car has achieved a speed of 100 meters per second at the very moment the fuel is completely spent. The track then suddenly changes to a 30-degree incline from the horizontal.
(A) Calculate the maximum height above the horizontal track the car will rise just as it comes to a complete stop.
(B) Calculate the distance; measured along the inclined track, the car will travel before coming to a complete stop.
(C) Calculate the total travel time of the car on the inclined plane from the time it enters the track to the time it comes to a complete stop on the inclined track.
(D) Calculate the rate of deceleration of the car on the inclined track.

this is a question i had posted.following the instructions, I got the answers below, plz help check, thx!

anyone please help...

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