Plato's Allegory of Cave

posted by Linda

Has anyone read the Plato's Allegory of Cave before? I got an assignment which is write a journal after reading this, but I really did not understand what it is talking about. Can anyone tell me something about it?

This site may help you.

Thanks, I read that before, but it still does not make sense to me.

In the Wikipedia article, there's this sentence: "He is questioning the very nature of reality and playing the ultimate 'what if' game."

This is the central idea of the allegory. He is using the prisoners in the cave to represent the rest of us, who look at paintings and other artificial representations of life, but call them "real." He is trying to explain what the difference is between real reality and what humans think reality is. It's all very complex. Sometimes I think we're not supposed to completely "get it"!!!

Work on understanding the Interpretation of the site that Ms. Sue gave you. That'll help the best.


Thanks. I see.

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