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I need help with this assignment I need to satarize something from the 21st century and exaggerate it. I have no Idea how to start it, I wanted to do something about parenting. Thanks

Look at the differences between teenagers clothing in the 80's and today. Then you can relate that to parenting. Write your essay and post it. One of the teachers will be happy to proofread for you.

I see a lot of differences in parenting in the last two or three generations. In my opinion, many parents are over-parenting their children. They are protecting them from every imagined threat. In a quiet, peaceful neighborhood in my small midwestern city, some parents stand at the school bus stop with their children. These kids don't know how to do things on their own.

Some parents over-program their kids -- with organized sports, tutors, and other activities. These kids don't have time for free play, dreaming, thinking, reading for fun.

If I were to exaggerate these ideas, I'd see 10-year-old children being tied to their mothers with silken cords and never leaving their sides.

I'm sure you have ideas about parenting. Use your imagination and exaggerate what you see in today's parenting.

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