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Out of these, which would be the easiest to write a 2 page paper on the life, times, and work of:

Jacques-Louis David
Eugene Delacroix
Claude Monet
Pierre Auguste Renoir
Mary Cassatt
Auguste Rodin
Paul Cezanne
Vincent van Gogh
Winslow Homer
Henri Matisse
Pablo Picasso
George Bellows
Alexandre Gustave Eiffel
Salvador Dali
Georgia O'Keeffe
Jackson Pollock

I need to get it done quickly so I don't want to go with an artist that is going to be difficult to write about. Ideas? :)

I would go with Monet but that is just me...

I also love Monet :)

I am a Georgia O'Keeffe fan... There is a lot of information on her. And she had a verrrry interesting sponsor to begin her career. This site has pictures and a bio.
(Broken Link Removed)'Keeffe

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