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I'm writing a paper on Masaccio. So far, I've gotten it to a page and figured out that I need about 3 paragraphs about his art and then my conclusion.

The problem is that i'm getting conflicting information. Most places say that only 4-5 of his works have survived or can be attributed to him. Yet, when I go to look them up - I find at least 12. I know he did some panels, but I can't find the full panel to see so I can describe it.

Speaking of description, is that all I really need to do when talking about his art? Just describe what it is and how he used perspective? I have to do a portion on his works.
Many of these are duplicates of others; some are close-ups of another; a few are OF Masaccio, so don't count those. The murals would be or have the panels, right?
Click on Works at the bottom.
Click on 3. Main works.


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