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pick two systems in the body and explain how they interact

interact with what? each other? elaborate plz.

The respritory system and circulatory system are dependant upon each other. All respirations eventualy take place at the cellular level. When you inhale, the oxygen(and other gases move from the Bronchioles to the aveolies(check sp) where the oxygen is passed to the red blood cells. It is at this poin that the red blood cells transfer the Carbon Dioxide to the lungs where it is exhaled.

Without oxygen the red cells will will not be able to carry any oxygen via the bllod supply to the brain and other vital organs. And, with out blood, the waste gasses cannot transported and then exhaled.

Of course obviously none of this is possible with out the heart and the lungs. With out the heart to pump blood respiration cannot take place on a cellular level, and with out the lungs to inhale and process fresh oxygen, the blood can no longer serve its purpose to nourish the body on a cellular level.

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