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meanings of the following with sentence example.

accept= to aggree to do sth. ex. She accepted our offer.
Arctic= a big sea ex. We sailed in the Arctic Sea.
Balloon= an object made of plastic and air, it has many colours and you use them at parties. ex. At my birthday party, I had many colourful balloons.
Banana= o common, yellow fruit. ex. monkeys eat bananas.
Barrel= a big bottle made of wood. ex. A barrel of wine.
Burglar= someone who break into your house and usually steals. ex. A burglar entered our house while we were sleeping last night.
Bruise= a sign (usually black)after being hit. ex. The naughty boy was full of bruises.
chocolate= a brown candy ex. Girls love chocolate.
eight= a number ex. 8= eight
February= the second month of the year ex. I have my birthday in February.
Fierce= wild ex. a fierce man
Island= a place surrounded by the sea ex. Crete is the biggest island of Greece.
journey= trip by a ship ex . We had a journey by my dad's ship.
niece= your sister's or brother's daughter is your niece. ex. My niece is two years old.
Scissors= an object you use to cut things such as strings, or paper. ex. I use my scissors in my Art subject.
Thief= somebody who steals things. ex. She is a thief, she stole my bag.
Visitor= a pearson who comes into your house and sees you. ex. I had a visitor last night, my grandmother.
Weird= magic,exotic ex. A weird island.
Woolen= a cloth made of whool which can keep you warm ex. My mother bought me a woolen jumper.
Yacht= a ship for cruises. ex. Rich people have yachts.

Hope they are useful

Eva Ch., Greece

thank you

Using the brain of others does not develope yours. You would get much more useful of your thinkning developement if you had posted what you thought the definitions were, and used them in a sentence for us to check.
How does one learn a language? By using it, not others. That in fact is the way we learn anything, by doing repetition spaced over time. Our most excellent language teachers can do wonders with your learning, however, you need to do your own thinking and work.


nadha --

BobPursley is right: You won't learn well if you get others to do your work for you.

Whenever you have an assignment like this one, you should turn to a good dictionary, either in print or online or both. Here are some excellent online dictionaries:

You'll get definitions and sample uses from many different sources; just keep scrolling down.

You'll get definitions from many different sources, and some will have sample uses; just click on the different dictionaries listed at the left after you enter a word and press the Enter key.

Just type in the word you're looking up and click on Go. What I also like about this site is the section on the left called 'Nyms and such. This is useful when you need synonyms (words with the same meaning), antonyms (words with opposite meanings), homonyms (words with the same sound but different meanings), style guides, rhymes, etc.


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