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Could you help me fine 2 more punctuation mistakes in this article?

Presidential first ladies have been an active force in American politics for nearly 300 years. These women's roles have been many, and varied. In 1800, Abigail Adams, dubbed "Mrs. President," was a fervent activist agaisnt antifederalists. Sarah Polk served As President James Polk's chief aide during his term in the 1840's. As an outspoken abolitionist, Mary Lincoln had an enormous influence on President Lincoln's policies.

Eleanor Roosevelt, remebered as one of the most publicly active first ladies, worked in support of the New Deal and integration and was the first of the first ladies to testify before Congress. She was particularly famous for her worldwide humanitarian work and was elected to chair the United Nation's Human Rights Commission in 1946, helping draft the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Rosalynn Carter was Jimmy's poltical partner during his term from 1997-1981. She supervised the Commission on Mental Health and helped to draft the Mental Health Systems Act of 1980.

Presidential wives have been playing an active vital role throughout American political history. In the future, perhaps all presidential spouses will continue to do so.

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. At the end of line 2, no comma between "many and varied." In line 4, do not capitalize the "A" in "As."

In paragraph, "remebered" is misspelled = remembered.

Thanks you SO much for the help. I know that probably took a while to read that. Thank you!

"playing an active, vital role"

There should also be a comma between "active" and "vital" in the next-to-last sentence.


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