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What is the volume of 0.10mole of a gas at STP

1 mol occupies 22.4 L at STP.

so .10 of a mole would be 2.24L of a mole of gas. How can I construct a cube that has that same volume.

Right. 2.24L is 2.24 x 1000 cc/L =
2,240 cc = 2,240 cubic centimeters.

You could take the cube root of 2240 to find the length of a side and measure card board squares of that length. Six sides (squares) taped together will be a volume of side x side x side = 2240 cc.
If you are doing this for a project, don't forget to think of the size. That will be the size of 0.1 mol of gas at STP. It will be 10 times larger for 22.4 L. That is much larger than most people think.

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    Is 22.4 bigger than 2.24?

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