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Generalization essay

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"In this exercise you'll write an essay supporting a generalization you've stated about some topic."

Any ideas for generalizations?

I have to list 5 and use one.

A generic generalization is the most common type. All dogs bite. Here is a good definition.

Generic generally means pertaining or appropriate to large classes or groups as opposed to specific. In particular it may mean:

Generic mood, a grammatical mood used to make generalized statements like Snow is white
Generic role-playing game system, a framework that provides rule mechanics for any setting—world or environment or genre

Using this definition and the examples, see if you can come up with five that would be fun to write about. Repost and we will be happy to help.

Thanks for your reply.

I'm still having trouble thinking of a topic. I know what a generalization is, but I can't think of one that I can really expand on and support.

I ran into a long list of negative ones (All women are bad drivers, americans are ignorant) but I think I need to find some positive ones to list since I have to figure out a way to support the generalization. If it was to argue against a generalization, I don't think i'd be having such an issue.

Ugh, I'm lost.

How about- teenagers are better drivers than senior citizens.

Women make better physicians than men.

Or even ...

Senior citizens are better drivers than teenagers.



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    Hey, I have the exact same assignment. KNHS? I was stuck as well, and thought I struck gold by finding this website, but it's unfortunate that no one has replied your question..

    Anyway, since you posted this question last year, you must have got some idea.. care to share?

    I was thinking along the lines of "History repeats itself," but I can't really think of anything substantial to support it.

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    Black people like watermelon and grape soda

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    Here is one Generalization. Nobody likes you.

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    Generalization ideas: All toys made in China contain lead. Mac computers are better than any others. Listening to music loud damages people's hearing. Private schools are better than public schools. All celebrities will become drug addicts. Politicians are untrustworthy. College is always a good experience. Homeschool has less work than normal school. Most Americans are overweight. Cars exaust is damaging the atmosphere.

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    Haha... Same school, KNHS.
    Global Warming or something is what I used.

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    Since both of ya'll have I guess had this assignment done for awhile, any advice? I go to KNHS too, and I'm completely stuck on the choices to use.-Thankss

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