Health Project Ideas

posted by Jennifer

As a health project, I have to make some sort of presentation expressing ANYTHING in health. Like I have to make a poster on the circulatory system or something but I don't want to do something so easy. Could you help me with some possible ideas, or like what I could do it on? Thanks.

A project on relationship between food consumption and its effect on insulin production in the body will be quite interesting and educational.

Hey...thats not bad. Any more ideas would be great. Thank you Mr. Brain.

you could make a model body and show how food is digested like you point out the parts of the body and say what the function is and what happens to the food at that stage.

  1. jennifer

    try doing a 4 page resreach paper for health

  2. Courtney

    How about doing it on sunblock or oats and grains. lol. good luck.

  3. Sarah

    How do I make a good presentation in health class about obesity

  4. lola

    i need an health project idea for school tomorrow could any body please help

  5. a person

    try making a coalage or a poster from pictures in magazine about how the media thinks people should look

  6. a friend

    do a slide show on healthy foods to eat

  7. Hello

    Make a poster on different types of sprots and how to keep active

  8. Kitty Cat

    Write a report about how to keep in shape

  9. Kitty Cat

    Make a poster on how to stay away from drugs and smoking

  10. Kitty Cat

    I need help with a group project on health?!

  11. Hello

    Show ur class different yoga moves and tell them doing yoga wiill help them keep in shape

  12. Kitty Cat

    Hello, do u know any group projects for health

  13. Kitty Cat

    Draw pictures on how to keep healthy

  14. someone

    u know any ideas for projects

  15. Kitty Cat

    Make posters or powerpoints on sports, healthy food, or how to stay away from BAD things for your body

  16. Doggy


  17. someone

    any types of project ideas??????

  18. Sally

    Hi my friend

  19. C

    Do a healthy eating plan for one day,making sure you get plenty of each.

  20. ur mom

    suk it

  21. lexii

    make one about how venereal disease and drugs are connected (:

  22. Andrew

    yall are So helpful..

  23. jas-laa.

    whoop whoop

  24. white

    i have to do one to.

  25. Debra

    these are terrible ideas.

  26. baby-e-

    umm i just need a gd idea for my health project on nutristion anyone gonna help out????

  27. tania

    do it on phobias..its unique

  28. alli (=

    i need to do an extra credit health project..... grrrr... anyway anybody got any good ideas???? plz!!!

  29. Abi

    Try your brain on Crystal Meth

  30. isela

    do it on second hand smoke

  31. joanna

    i need ideas how to make a female reproductive or male reproductive made in clay or play doh other material its for school i'm a medical assistant student

  32. nona

    should you do what you feel is best for jerry at the risk of alienating yourself from the staff?".

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